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Unlike a Will, a Living Trust has many living benefits in addition to avoiding Probate: A Living Will, Nomination of Conservator, Durable Power of Attorney for Assets and Healthcare, Guardian for Minor Children, and more.


Lea Anderson

When I first became a notary public in 2005, I had to jump over a lot of hurdles. I had no idea if I would be able to drum up any business. So, I made a lot of mistakes and learned as much as I could along the I am here. Let me save you the time and trouble of learning the hard way. I've helped many people get to where they want to go with their notary business. I promise you that with your passion and my know how. I'll get you started too.Here's to your success!!P.S. If you have any questions just give me a shout at is the seminar instructor for L.A. Mobile Notary & Business Services. She has been a California state notary public, loan signing and living trust agent since 2005. After spending over 15 years in healthcare, Lea made a career change. Her corporate experience includes employee training and development, department consulting and process improvement.

Course curriculum

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    Your Living Trust Guide

    • Your Guide to Living Trusts (intro)

    • Heritage Living Trust Presentation

    • Your Living Trust Guide

    • Now It's Up To You!